2014 CT Samboree

It’s time to start planning for the Connecticut Samboree. This year it will be held again at the Brooklyn Fairgrounds on June 13th through the 15th. The price of admission will be the same and we hope to see you all out there.

You can find the forms with more details on the Event page here.

2013 Samboree Jobs List

Jobs to be done:

Bingo –  Roadrunner Sam’s

Chinese Auction –  Seaport Sam’s

Root Beer floats – Pauline, Grace

Games – Past and current Director’s

Coffee – Dwyne, Ted

Breakfast sandwiches – Quinebaug Travelers

Trash – (Trash bags)- Bill Herman

Clean up (Sunday) – Yankee Sam’s,

Selling of soda & water during entertainment – Grace. Howard, Pauline,(Saturday) Still need Thursday & Friday   

Decorating the stage:

Pot Of Gold:  Yankee Sam’s

Wagon Master: Joe Ippi

Door Prizes:

Food Donations: Southern Roundy Raiders:

State Nurse:  Pamela Rule

State Chaplin:  Dwyne Nelson

Sergeant at Arms:

Electric Engineer: Lenny, Ted

Audio and Visional Coordinator:

State Photographer:

Icecream social: State Directors

50/50 Raffle:  Mary, Pauline, Grace,

State Raffle:

Cake Walk:

State Positions: 

Assistant Director:

 Treasure:  Laurie Pelagreno

 State Wagon Master _ Joe Ippi

 State Chaplin:  Dwyne Nelson

 State Nurse:  Pamela Rule

 Garbalagist:  Bill Herman

April 14th Meeting Notes

Meeting came to order 2:20pm

Roll call: sign in sheet

Guests: None

Secretary minutes: Only 1 change, Lyons Blanket Organization, each chapter need only bring 1 blanket instead of 3.

Treasurers report: Current balance is $3,379,75
1st & 2nd motion to accept
Unanimously passed

Correspondence: None

Report from committees: None

Old Business

  • Thursday entertainment will not be charged for that night, however we need to buy 10 CD’s for door prizes.
  • PA system could not be purchased for the $300.00, talk about renting for the weekend for $300.00.
    • Don Khohl suggested we go to either the Rec Department or even the Fire Department to see if we can rent one through them, a suggestion.
  • Tractor pull was voted on, the vote was unanimously passed “NO”

New Business

  • This meeting was set for the purpose of jobs that needed to be filled for the samboree.
  • Tom and Nancy still looking for volunteers for the Syracuse Rally.
  • They also want the Chapters to look at Standardize Operation Procedures.
  • Talked about the program being professionally done, all are in favor of the sample (seen on the computer).
  • Ted suggested we post the schedule on the website.
  • Laura sent a check for $200.00 to Cheryl to purchase door prizes at WalMart.
  • Goody bags might not happen due to lack of stuff, will have a table so you can make your own with what we do have.
  • Still waiting to hear from the golf cart people.
  • Discussed jobs that need to be filled for samboree, was able to fill quite a few of them, (will post on web site).

Adjournment: 1st & 2nd motion to adjourn passed
Unanimously at 3:40pm

Respectfully submitted
Diane Gervais
Good Sam Secretary

Our thoughts and prayers

Sharing an email we received this morning.

Need the clubs prayers again since you all were so wonderful last year and it does help.

Bill has had a stroke and is the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. It’s early on so he is still being evaluated.

He was take to Parrish Hospital in Titusville, FL. On Thursday March 7th at 6:50 and they gave him the clot buster. Then Choppered him off to Mayo. He does have a bleed in the frontal Part of the brain. Jerry and Carol gave me a ride to Jacksonville yesterday am. Thank You again All. Love, Bet

Farewell Charlotte Gagne

We regret to inform our members that Charlotte Gagne, a longtime member of the DR Roadrunners, passed away March 5, 2013 in Florida. For those that wish to send gifts/cards to the family, the address is listed below.

John Gagne
205 Hayes Road
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Samboree Saturday Night Entertainment

We’ve booked the entertainment for Saturday night and we’re proud to say that Simply Swing will be performing. They’re a 10 piece Nationally Ranked Swing Band and we got them. So bring your dancing shoes and have fun.

If you’re interested in the band you can visit their web site at: http://www.simplyswingmusic.com/